If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to The Least Pretentious Music Blog Ever, well, great! Let’s appreciate and help each other out. We can do this in the form of a post, putting up a banner, helping you get your site up and running, answering questions about the local music scene, etc. Drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

NWCZ is an online radio “station” that streams the best in independent music from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and the surrounding areas. They have shows featuring local rock, punk, hip hop, techno, blues, jazz and more everyday of the week. Listen now! Support independent stations and artists!



Arizona’s tiny artist ran co-op label, Black Cactus Records and the folk involved are revolutionaries in a time when big record companies are  calling the shots and taking the profits. Black Cactus Records is a fairly new outfit who only got their start in 2010, but have been taking control of their own scene ever since.



Digital Shotgun is the site of  talented Olympia-based web developer and graphic designer Dave Lee. He has also done some righteous photography and made some great music as well. We look forward to working with him soon!


This is the site of Darion Conwell, Journalist for the Sounds Paper, amateur comic artist and the official rant-writer of  The Least Pretentious Music Blog Ever (not to mention our webmaster). Check him out for some serious humor.



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