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If you somehow haven’t caught onto the wonder that is YouTube  mashups, you are seriously missing out on one of the most amusing thing that has ever existed. Based on the millions of mashups that float around the internet these days, I’ve taken a disturbing amount of my spare time to find my five favorite mashups that left me going, “-the fuck was that?” And if you can somehow avoid leaving them on repeat for the next three days, you are a stronger human than I.

1. NOFX vs. Tupac

Probably the single most unexpected mashups I’ve found. From the quality YouTube posting of mattydub1. Hold your comments till 00:49 when Tupac comes in. If you have ever been a fan of punk rock and/or gangsta rap, you must hear this.

2. Mos Def vs. Desmond Dekker

Uploaded by mintyfreshbeats, straight off the  Mos Dub album by Max Tannone (available here), this pro quality mashup has changed my life–or at least inspired me to support the people of Growlife Alliances.

3. Marvin Gaye vs. The Pixies

If you’re anything like me, after listening to Where Is My Mind, watching Fight Club again, then listening the Bassnectar remix for about the last three months, then you probably thought you were sick of this song. But then, the universe had other plans for us. This song is 100% guaranteed to seduce anybody who has tattoos. I mean, maybe. Whatever, just listen. Thank you uploader for getting me laid.

4. UB40 vs. T-Pain

Reggae remixes are officially my summertime continuation of searching for dubstep remixes for the last four or five months. There’s actually a wealth of reggae remixes already in existence, but for the purposes of consistency, this is technically a mashup. I mean, I’ve never ordered red wine in da club, but if I did it would go something like this. Uploaded by . Don’t worry, I don’t know what the cars in the video are about either.

5. Nesian Mystiks vs. Jason Derulo vs. Train vs. Tupac

Catchy as fuck. It’s summer. Relax. ‘Bout all I have to say. Thank the walking savant Dj Esi (facebook here), uploaded to YouTube by . Enjoy your life.

Hope you enjoyed, we will probably keep doing these. The following link is to piss off our other writer, and my dear friend Darion. Coming next week, reggae remixes, maybe.

– Andrew Taylor

*EDIT* Fuck you Andrew.


Hey, remember the band Quickie? No? It’s because I FUCKED UP.

I was going to blog about them, I dunno, say, 5 months ago. And then I didn’t. Because I am lame. I swear I am the poster child for lazy, underachieving procrastinators. Seriously. My only responsibility is to occasionally make sure Andrew gets to or from work. And I’ve only ever done that twice.

Anyways. Quickie.

Genre:  Pop punk 
Location: Seattle, Washington
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Pop punk

Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle. You might have heard their music on the shows “Parenthood” on NBC and “Vampire Diaries” on CW, or in the movies “Repli-Kate” with Eugene Levy and Ali Landry, and  “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins (yahoo!). Their music has also been played on ESPN and Fox Sports.  Once they even set the world record for most shows played in one day (40 “quickies”)!

 But really, why are they so famous you ask?

Well music fans, I am glad you asked.

Without further adieu, I give you “Bikini Barista.”

Bah, I love the man with the ‘stash. Nothing right now is more Pacific Northwest than Bikini Baristas. These positions are literally the only jobs available in the Craigslist classifieds and I have had some serious internal battles about becoming one. The fake tanning, hair poofs, and pant-less customers I can do, but what it always comes down to is that I would probably have to go to the gym everyday for about 3 weeks in preparation, and as a lazy, underachieving procrastinator, well, that simply wont do.

ANYWAYS today I got a press release in an email from Quickie, which reads:


 Red Curtain rocks with pop-punk trio Quickie!

June 30th, 2011— SEATTLE, WA —  Seattle pop-punk band Quickie noticed a spike in views of their infamous “Bikini Barista” video earlier this week. “Over 12,000 new views in the past 3 days,” says lead singer Lou Trez. “That raised a flag. So I did some digging and discovered that the Chinese media have been reporting on the Northwest’s Bikini Barista phenomenon… and including our song and video as part of the discussion.” 
Apparently the video, which includes actual Cowgirls Espresso baristas, is too racy for China Times broadcasters like Chung T’ien Television “as is.” The girl’s various revealing costumes have been pixilated. That’s just fine with the band. “We are getting such a kick out of it! It’s a fun, catchy song and it obviously has legs… no pun intended. I mean, the numbers keep growing.”

Next up for Quickie, now that they’ve penetrated the Red Curtain? “We are celebrating the red, white and blue with a performance at Tacoma’s Freedom Fair on July 4th.”

Quickie plays the Click 98.9 stage in Tacoma’s Jack Hyde Park at 7:20pm on Monday, July 4th.

To see the news-story from China. Visit
To view the original “Bikini Barista” video, visit .

Yay! Congratulations Quickie for your international viral video sensation. And congratulations Washington for having the most under-dressed baristas! Look at us, good ol’ PNW, corrupting the youth and causing societal decay one coffee stand at a time.