Hey everyone so I guess I’m blogging for this now, so enjoy. My names Neff I write about music and I really don’t give a flying fuck if you enjoy it…so enjoy. I’ve come to this land from a mystical place known as Talkeetna (look it up), where Valkyries sing from the top of mountains, and Carlos Rossi flows from the from the trees like syrup. I’ve come to tell this very pretentious, non-pretentious music blog that irony is for hipsters, and virgins. Music must once again inspire a lust for fighting and fucking, and a desire to be moved. Welcome to the world of goddamn tomorrow!

Now if you’ve read this far your either really bored or very interested, either way I appreciate you. Anyhoo I’m actually just a musically inclined amateur journalist hipster-douche, who feels as if my alcohol fueled opinion is meant to be shared.

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