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If you are anything like me, then the chances are you appreciate a good cartoon. I grew up on a variety of great cartoons, one of which was Dexter’s Laboratory; a show that will always remain in my personal top five animated series.

Let’s start with some quick background info:

Dexter’s Lab was the creation of the amazing animator named Genndy Tartakovsky (Notable for creating Samurai Jack as well as  many other awesome cartoons). The show was originally cancelled in 1998 after only two seasons, though the popularity of the re-runs caused a revival of the show in 2001 with two more season before finally being cancelled permanently.

Most unexpected album I've ever found.

It was during this revival that magic happened. In 2002 , Warner Bros Records released an album titled Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment  as a promotional tool for both the network and the show it’s self. Cartoon Network had been trying to push music into their programming at the time (I would speculate that the album was also a “fair-well” to this beloved series which was cancelled soon after). The album was a compilation of six Hip-Hop songs inspired by the show, written and performed by various famous artist at the time. This type of music project isn’t completely unheard of. The Aquabats (and many many other bands) have been featured on shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street had some big name performances aswell, and I’ve even seen promos for cartoon shows by artists like The Violent Femmes and They Might Be Giants; but it’s not every day that you see a compilation of songs by multiple artists about one specific show.

Since this particular compilation is about a cartoon show targeted at children, the songs remain relatively clean in lyrics, (I swear I heard reference to smoking chronic) but there’s nothing wrong with that. For some reason the overall concept of this album blows my mind, here we have famous hip-hop artists like and De La Soul writing catchy songs about a red-headed boy genius. Most of the tracks on this album are highly repetitive and I have a sneaking suspicion that the artist didn’t put all of their effort into writing these lyrics. Despite all of this, the songs remain damn-catchy (especially “Secrets” by and given the target audience, I don’t blame them for not writing epic hip-hop ballads. Dexter’s Laboratory: The Hip-Hop Experiment is a great album if you’re a fan of the show and are looking for some nostalgia,  if want to annoy your friends with useless trivia, or want to experience a “what the fuck?” moment. If you ever find yourself in any of these circumstances, then look to this album.

Note: This album might actually be more “obscure” than I thought. Contributions to this project are not mentioned on any of the artist’s discography or Wikipedia pages. Furthermore, I could only find two tracks that could be heard online, the rest have to be downloaded from a few specific sites that for one reason or another happen to have a copy. This being the case, I have taken the liberty of posting the songs below for your listening pleasure:

Dexter’s Lab Theme  


Dexter (What’s his name?) – Coolio  

Love According to Dexter- Phiphe Dawg feat. Slick & Rose  

Sibling Rivalries- De La Soul  

Mandark’s Plan- YZ

Back to the Lab- Prince Paul  



Update: I found this freestyle rap a while ago, I think it belongs in this post:


Imagine if you will, the divinely inspired love child of Super Saturday and Burning Man. Mas Sol promises to be that: a three-day fusion of raging parties, random artistic regurgitation and Bar-B-Q style block parties. Lazlo Steele, Zach Lincoln, Jacob McDonald, together with the support of the Olympia Summer Arts Project and all the supporters from various communities, are organizing the first of what hopes to be an annual celebration of everything. Starting Friday June 10th, happiness and creative excess will overflow from a field in Fort Matlock, WA.

I recently had a chance to meet with Lazlo Steele (aka. Turbo Duck), one of the events biggest organizers, and he described the event as I have summarized here.

This is actually a picture of Helsing Junction 2010, also a music festival in a field. Pictures of Mas Sol don't actually exist yet. Maybe you should take some.

Mas Sol: The Event

In the format of Burning Man, hosted a field in Fort Matlock, WA, Mas Sol will follow a mostly trade based economy with music, food, art and a BYOeverything attitude. Across the field from Mas Sol  (literally translated to “more sun”), theme tents and attendees will feature artwork, performances, and various displays of human creativity. Theme camps are areas consisting of five to seven people who work to provide some sort of themed space to benefit the masses.  Criteria for what constitutes a theme camp range from cool places to hang out, temporary restaurants, to my own personal intention of demoing homemade explosives; when it comes to theme camps, truly, the potential is unlimited. If you are completely uninspired or lost to the notion of Burning Man, check out Phil Steele’s photography of the event here to get the creative juices flowing.

Some larger “theme villages” already planned include a bar and grill type cantina with a small stage for more intimate shows; a Hooka Lounge; a Zen Garden; a Beauty Salon offering free tattoos, hair, and henna; a group of fire artists; and a visual arts camp featuring several graffiti artists and free walls.

Discounts all the way up to free admission are available for anyone who aspires to create a theme camp. We at The Least Pretentious Music Blog Ever are currently in the process of making the Mas Sol website, so attendees wishing to do their own theme camp should contact the festival’s creators on Facebook for now.

Mas Sol will be equipped with most all the necessary amenities for an event of this scale, including first aid members on staff and environmentally friendly composting toilets. So come. Bring everything that you want. There may be free food and free drink assuming people bring enough to share, but the ability of this rests on the notion that every person brings more than enough for their need. There will be power provided by generators, but it is limited. If you plan to use any power, like every other aspect of Mas Sol, to guarantee it will be there, be sure to provide it. Don’t forget your artwork, instruments and bartering materials!

Prices, money, tickets, parking, alcohol, and life

Tickets will soon be available online at, so act fast. Capacity for this event is five hundred and already just over two-hundred attendees have secured a spot. Prices range from $12 for a single day pass to $30 for a three-day pass. Mas Sol will also provide a series of food and drink vouchers available for purchase before the event. Food vouchers will be available for $5 dollars a day or $10 dollars for the weekend; likewise, drink vouchers for 21+ will ideally be available to anyone who also brings a contribution to the communal bar.  Plan accordingly,  without a voucher food and water are not guaranteed. Make sure to bring the bare essentials. Assuming everyone does, there will be a communal surplus and everything will be fine. Mas Sol does not condone irresponsible drug or alcohol use. Creativity and expression are the ultimate goals of this festival.

There is a limited number of parking spaces available at the site, so attendees are encouraged strongly to carpool. If would-be attendants cannot find a ride or prefer not to drive, Lazlo and other coordinators of Mas Sol will be running shuttles to and from the Evergreen State College. If you think you will be using the shuttle service, contact Lazlo or another member through the Facebook page (and later the website) directly as shuttle scheduling is subject to change based on volume.


In the spirit of expression and open mindedness, there are not truly steadfast rules, but you should nevertheless adhere to these two essential guidelines:

  • Take down what you put up. In the spirit of Burning Man, Mas Sol intends to create a village that should leave its field almost as barren as it was found.
  •  Don’t be an asshole. If you don’t know what I mean, don’t worry about it; if you know what I mean, don’t do it, please.
The Future of Mas Sol: We love you

Lazlo has bright hopes for the future of Mas Sol, not only as an annual festival, but to one day establish an eco-village that will hold down the property during the “off season.”

What makes the very idea of this festival possible is the support it receives from the community. The radical participation of the attendees is what will make Mas Sol as wonderful as it aspires to be. To quote Lazlo Steele:

“I could not have even begun to do this without the help of all the who’ve come to lend a hand.”

So come! Be a part of a theme! Be a part of a soon to be annual celebration!  Loose your mind amongst the fields of Washington! The hard working people of Mas Sol cannot do this without you, and frankly, they really wouldn’t want too.

And of course, remember to visit Mas Sol on facebook and show some love.

-Andrew Taylor

It’s a common occurrence for songs to weasel their way onto our minds and bounce around in our skulls all day. These songs make us hum, whistle, and mutter lyrics to ourselves no matter how awkward the situation. These songs aren’t always new, or even incredibly groundbreaking, but they all manage to get stuck in our music-loving noggins; and for that we honor them.

Today’s Song on Repeat is “Stand Off” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(Nothing fancy here, I actually couldn’t find any music videos or fan-tributes-vids of this song online)

This song is a classic, I had actually forgotten about it until the shuffle option on my ipod thrust it back into my life. As usual with Mighty Mighty Bosstones songs, this song has great trumpet accompaniment which completes the Ska sound. It is also relatable to anyone who has ever been in a long relationship. The thing about this song that has always stood out to me is the great word-play in the lyrics.

When searching for this on the internet I was actually surprised to find that despite my love for it; this song is sort of underrated. Though,”underrated” means a different thing when it comes to a great band like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Even though it isn’t rated high in comparison to many of their other songs, I’d still listen to it over many song from just about every other band.

Other songs that I’ve been enjoying recently:

“My Body” by Young The Giant

“Bring Me The Disco King” by David Bowie

“You” by Bad Religion

“Salmon Dance” by The Chemical Brothers


“I wanna get drunk in the street, stay home, get stoned, and beat my meat
I wanna feel less incomplete and never slow it down!
I wanna fuck a girl I hate, leave her the bill on our first date
then tell her boyfriend she was great
never slow it down!” -SuperNothing

SuperNothing playing at Tacoma Skate in 2010.

Genre: Punk / Rock / Thrash
Location: Kent, Washington
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Desensitized Youth, Early NOFX, Gang Green

Remember the summer you were 16? Taking the bus downtown to a questionable venue, chugging the single warm beer you stole out of your parent’s fridge in the back alley before paying the doorman only in dimes and nickels so you could mosh your brains out to your favorite local punk band? No? Well let SuperNothing remind you. They are the band you saw, except people actually liked them, and when you go to buy their EP at the end of the night with your remaining pocket change and get it home, it’s actually recorded…well.

SuperNothing is a thrash punk band from Kent, Washington. Together for just over a year and a half, they already have an impressive track record, playing with big name punk act GutterMouth and soon with the legendary Agent Orange. SuperNothing is your favorite garage band all grown up. The angst is there, the concepts are the same. Their tags on Bandcamp include “punks, party sluts and speed,” and “watching porn with your girlfriend” is one of their highlighted hobbies on Myspace. They’re the boys down the street that don’t give a fuck and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s angry, it’s unapologetic, it’s often hilarious.

Although the tried and true spirit of hard, fast and loud is still present, SuperNothing wanders off the beaten path. Unlike thrash metal and its related cross-over genres, which tend to throw the concept of melody to the wind in favor of rhythm and chaos, they put an emphasis on being, well, audible and catchy. “The whole idea is fast punk and thrash metal fusion, but hopefully with an accessible edge,” states Kevin Russell (more commonly know as “Nutz”), the band’s bassist and backup vocalist. “I think a big problem with a lot of bands playing in ‘extreme’ genres is they miss how important hooks are. I hope that what we bring to the table is fast, heavy, and aggressive, but at the same time has something in it that gets stuck in your head.”

I dunno, maybe I shouldn’t be so impressed. It’s not as if every punk band is composed only of tumultuous loudness (nothing could be further from the truth) and SuperNothing is some kind of diamond in the rough. Must be something about the nostalgia that this band brings that has me captivated. They take me back to that show at 16 and stir some sort of angst inside me that is reminiscent of being young(er), moralless and pissed. And I like it.

“Slow it down” (first track) and “1878” off of the EP Jesus Fucking Christ, It’s an EP! 


Everyone loves a good show, no doubt, but the sound on a record is beginning to have almost no resemblance to a live track. Fortunately there are some bands out there that still record the old-fashioned way and rely on their talent to attract listeners.  In the interest of not sounding pretentious or getting hung up on topics that Darion has already covered, I will not continue to drill into your mind how dreadful some areas in the music industry have become, but I would like to share with you a band that has come up with its own quality sound.


Lisa Savidge (a band, not an individual) is bringing their genre mix of post-rock/shoegaze/pop influenced/whateverelseyouwill sound up the west coast, from Phoenix, AZ into the heart of Washington. Each track off of their self-titled album offers a new sound, some with heavier guitar, others with catchy bass lines, each displaying the strengths of the artists. Yay! And the best part? Their cd, recorded entirely live, leaves me convinced that their April 9th show at the Urban Onion in Olympia will not be a disappointment.

Doors at 8!



Some sites you should check out!
Black Cactus Records:
Lisa Savidge:


April! Yeah! Honestly it’s 2 am and I don’t have anything clever or witty to put here. I’ve been coding for hours (poorly, some of the text is doing strange things I don’t understand…sorry) and I just want to go to the beach. I imagine I will update this later when I am feeling less dull and more inspired.  As always please let me know if I missed anything or if your band is playing this month in the area in the form of a comment on this post.  I will get it up asap. At the speed of Pegasus! Unless of course, I do actually make it to the beach. Then, fuck it.

April 1st

Beats Antique with Eskmo and The Tailor @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Pete Yorn with Ben Kweller @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Outnumbered, My Mom Dumped Me, Phobos and Five Beats Til Sunrise @ Northern, Olympia
Travis Tritt @ The Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma

April 2nd

British Sea Power with A Classic Education @ Neumos, Seattle (21+)
Christian Mistress with Dead Head and Blues @ Old School Pizzeria, Olympia

April 3rd

My Chemical Romance with Neon Trees and The Architects @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle

Hey Olympians! Head to the Brotherhood on the third to help the Reef recover from its second fire! Donations go to the employees and 50% of the proceeds from sales goes to cover the damages.

Alex Cook and Deborah Bartley @ Northern, Olympia
Travie McCoy @ El Corazon,Seattle
Gary Reynolds and The Brides of Obscurity, Boats, and Post Adolesence @ The High Dive, Seattle (21+)
Reef Benefit-Ten Bands! @ The Brotherhood, Olympia

April 4th

Boats, The Fabulous Downey Brothers @ Northern, Olympia
Dodos with Reading Rainbow @ Neumos, Seattle

April 6th

The English Beat @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Henry Rollins @ Triple Door, Seattle @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Broken Figures, Ghost Feet, A. Madman and Bizzart @ Northern

April 7th

Ice Cube with Fatal Lucciauno @ Showbox Market, Seattle
AWOLNATION with The Limousines and Kithkin @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Ravenna Woods, Drew Grow and The Pastors’ Wives @ Neumos, Seattle (21+)

April 8th

Flight To Mars with Lazy Susan and  Buckets Of Rain @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Kolacny Brothers @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Minus the Bear @ University of Puget Sound, Tacoma

April 9th

Yonder Mountain String Band @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Black Joe Lewis and The Honey Bears @ The Croc, Seattle (21+)
Lewis Black @ the Paramount, Seattle
A Rocket to the Moon @ El Corazon, Seattle
Lisa Savidge@ The Urban Onion, Olympia

April 11th

Ice Cube: The only rapper I know of that has turned in his mic to act in a series of terrible children's movies.

Foals with Freelance Whales and The Naked and Famous @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Greg Laswell with Lenka @ The Croc, Seattle
Ellie Goulding, The Knocks @ Neumos, Seattle

April 12th

Two Door Cinema Club with Work Drugs @ Showbox Market
Cut Copy with Holy Ghost! @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
The Joy Formidable with The Lonely Forest @ The Croc, Seattle
Rise Against with Bad Religion, Four Year Strong @ the Wamu Theatre, Seattle

April 13th

Raphael Saadiq @ Showbox Market, Seattle

April 14th

Zeds Dead with Aaron Simpson and Sir Kutz @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Dyno Jamz with Quarter After, Living Proof, and Kung Foo Grip @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Deftones with Dillinger Escape Plan @ Paramount Theatre, Seattle

April 15th

The 2011 Rock Girl Gala with Hinder @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Pat Benatar @ The Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma (21+)

April 16th

Ani DiFranco with Animal Prufrock @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Rusko with Doorly @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle
Unwritten Law with Authority Zero, Van Eps, The Lookout @ Studio Seven, Seattle
Pat Benatar @ The Emerald Queen Casino, Tacoma (21+)
Fences with Campfire OK, Greyleg @ Neumos, Seattle
BODYBOX, Brotherhood of the Black Squirrel, and the Dave Hannon Band @ New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma (21+)

April 17th

Paul Simon @ Showbox Market, Seattle

April 18th

Amon Amarth @ Showbox Market, Seattle
All Time Low with Yellowcard, Hey Monday, and The Summer Set @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle

Metal heads rejoice! Amon Amarth plays the Sodo this month.

Hugo @ Neumos, Seattle

April 21st

Chase and Status (Live) with Aksion, Kid Hops (KEXP 90.3fm), and Hexidecibel @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Donald Glover with Childish Gambino @ Neumos, Seattle
Dark Dark Dark, Y La Bamba, and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship? @ The Northern, Olympia
Gumshen, The Orchestrion, and Pocket Panda @ the Tiger Lounge, Georgetown

April 22nd

Tokyo Police Club with Beast Make Bomb @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Wayward Vessel @ Spar Cafe, Olympia

April 23rd

The Cave Singers with The Young Evils @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Natural Vibrations with Natural HI @ Showbox Sodo, Seattle

April 27th

The Boxer Rebellion with We Are Augustines @ The Croc

April 29th

Seattle band The Head and the Heart took the radio by storm last month and continue to attract more and more fans. Click this image to read an article by NPR and download four free songs!

The Head And The Heart with Lemolo and The Devil Whale @ Showbox Market, Seattle

April 30th

Portugal. The Man with Telekinesis @ Showbox Market, Seattle
Cataldo with Land of Pines, Kaylee Cole, and The Glass Notes @ The High Dive, Seattle (21+)