WTF is this?

Not every band featured on this blog will be undiscovered. Not every song on here will be obscure. In fact, not all the music on this blog will even be GOOD. But who gives a fuck? This is a conversational  space to rant, rave, complain and review the music that fills our lives, whether it’s 6 years behind the times or 6 months ahead of schedule. So join as we explore the world of music the way normal people do. And if you see a band on here that you liked and discovered 3 years ago before they were cool but now they are sell outs and you’re mad, well, we hate you.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

About the Blogger

  1. Mirrahhhhhh says:

    Love ya!

  2. RemainingAnonymousToEnsureAClearOpinion says:

    I like the name. The word ‘ever’ at the end is clever. It is, however, too long if you want this blog to catch on.

    The look is nice and simplistic. All the articles are easy to access and read. You should definitely keep the newspaper-esque feel you have goin’ on if you ever decide to give the blog a graphics overhaul. I enjoy how I am able to read the latest posts without having to click around for the full article.

    As far as content, it’s not bad! I like the idea of reporting on a more local music scene. It would be great if you were able to expand to more cities and report about the on goings in other areas. I like the calendar. You should try making an actual interactive calendar. Either way, information like this will keep people coming back.

    The writing isn’t very professional, but it wasn’t bad either. Perhaps a little too personal though. You want to refrain from making your writing express any kind of personal opinion, feelings or attitude. otherwise some of your audience may feel offended or left out and not return.

    I don’t expect you to care about what I have to say. I’m simply a guy, who knows a thing or two about blogging, offering his advice. Good luck!

    • Fortunately, we aren’t really concerned with professionalism. Thats the beauty of it. Its a personal project with personal opinions. I am less concerned with turning away potential readers than I am with creating a blog I am proud of that reflects our opinions and passions.

      But your right, about the proof reading anyways, its hard to edit your own work.

      Also, a word to the wise, when you leave your email address you are less than anonymous.

  3. NotSoAnonymousAnymore! says:

    The nickname was kinda a joke. 😉

  4. hipsterneckstomp says:

    God you hipster maggots suck. Go die. Get a real job instead of writing about crap music no one wants to hear.

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