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Recently at Le Voyeur in Olympia, Washington I had the pleasure of viewing Admiral St. Grey as the artist I Feel Awesome. This outlandish Brooklyn based artist comes with a sound that I guess could be called music. According to what some really high kids told me, it’s called “futuristic progressive minimalist.” I would definitely describe it as better than being stabbed, but that’s still debatable.

Ms. Grey’s music transcends both genre boundaries, and for that matter logic and reason, all with some proudly with unsolicited gusto. The first EP by I FEEL AWESOME comes with some minimalist drums similar to a an African beat, with a techno backdrop reminiscent of being in a refinery, then lovingly wrapped together with vocals sounding oddly similar to the musical styling of  Tsim Fuckis (look it up).

Grey also recently released an EP with her band, Glass Lamborghini, the bands music making about as much sense as their name does. All I can really say about that album is the best song, titled “Make It Sparkle” (linked here), is comprised of a generic synthy beat, with once again minimalist drums. Accompanying Ms. Grey at Le Voyeur were three other “experimental” artists, entitled: Chains Isabella, Cult of Zir, and finally SQURM. I use experimental in these terms the same way mustard gas started as an “experiment.” To be honest a child with a chemistry set would have been more interesting than this dribble. I even walked out of SQURM’s set when the music dropped and there was literally eight straight seconds of him just screaming (I wore a watch).

I must say the one saving grace of this boondoggled catastrophe you could maybe call music was the venue. Le Voyeur has a visually magnificent show room, not to mention a very pleasant restaurant/bar area. The staff are awesome and the foods not half bad, I recommend the fries. All this greatness is accompanied by an excellent bar tender and an extensive list of fine imported beers from around the world.

So in conclusion Le Voyeur in  Olympia Washington gets an A rating for Awesome bar/venue. Grey and her experimental posse get a F for Fuck you, and your wasting of my time.


It’s a common occurrence for songs to weasel their way onto our minds and bounce around in our skulls all day. These songs make us hum, whistle, and mutter lyrics to ourselves no matter how awkward the situation. These songs aren’t always new, or even incredibly groundbreaking, but they all manage to get stuck in our music-loving noggins; and for that we honor them.

Today’s Song on Repeat is “Stand Off” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(Nothing fancy here, I actually couldn’t find any music videos or fan-tributes-vids of this song online)

This song is a classic, I had actually forgotten about it until the shuffle option on my ipod thrust it back into my life. As usual with Mighty Mighty Bosstones songs, this song has great trumpet accompaniment which completes the Ska sound. It is also relatable to anyone who has ever been in a long relationship. The thing about this song that has always stood out to me is the great word-play in the lyrics.

When searching for this on the internet I was actually surprised to find that despite my love for it; this song is sort of underrated. Though,”underrated” means a different thing when it comes to a great band like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Even though it isn’t rated high in comparison to many of their other songs, I’d still listen to it over many song from just about every other band.

Other songs that I’ve been enjoying recently:

“My Body” by Young The Giant

“Bring Me The Disco King” by David Bowie

“You” by Bad Religion

“Salmon Dance” by The Chemical Brothers