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First of all, thanks to the folks at Least Pretentious Music Blog Ever for letting me contribute to the fun with articles and music-talk.  I just moved back to Olympia after a long hiatus and I am anxious to participate in anything musical that could be going on around here.

I spend a lot of time searching out and listening to new music that I would like to share with people to spark interest and discussion.  Stuff that may not technically be new but is new to me counts in my book, so if I talk about something that has been out for a while, well, don’t get all up my ass about it, okay?

I tend to find something I like and crack out on it for a couple of weeks until I find something else that gets my attention and then the cycle continues, so I should always have albums I’m all about for any given period of time.

So what do I love right now?

Okay, so we are deep in the throes of another northwest winter and won’t be seeing much sunshine for a few months, and for me that means it’s time to find some great winter, crappy-weather melodic music that I always crave come January.  Luckily, I have found just the thing.  The Lower 48, Minnesota transplants to Portland, recently self-released their debut album Where All Maps End.  I have been cracking-out for the last couple weeks and still going strong.  It evokes that timeless feeling I get when I listen to past winter favorites where it can just play on repeat for days and I never get tired of it.  It’s definitely a folky sound, and done really beautifully with some gorgeous instrumental interludes, a couple of super catchy tracks such as “The End” and “Come Awake” always demand that I sing along and do a little dance, and on the whole displays a versatility that keeps it interesting.  All of the songs are really good actually.  They are original enough so that I don’t feel like I’m just listening to recycled garbage.  Beautiful, melodic, atmospheric, intimate, innocent, and just plain good fucking shit.  Have a listen to “The End” and if you don’t find yourself wanting to hear it over and over again, well then, that’s fine, this is just a suggestion, y’all can do what you want.  But if ya like it you should definitely get the album and support these guys, I think they are gonna do good things in the future.


Last weekend Karli and I went to Portland. Since we started this blog (a week or two ago?) one of the ideas for it was to take pictures of interesting people we meet, while traveling or not, and ask them their name, occupation, and favorite band. It doesn’t really need more explanation than that, sometimes we’ll blog about the bands, sometimes we won’t. Depends how we feel. Here are some Portland characters.


Name: David (pronounced: Duhhvee)

Occupation: Student awaiting in-state tuition status.

Favorite Band: Rodrigo and Gabriella (yes!)

Name: Ryan

Occupation: Trader Joe’s Employee

Favorite Band: The National (they’re playing this weekend… or maybe next.)

Name: Ryan (again)

Occupation: “Fun” (but also some sort of managing for Blitzen Trapper)

Favorite Band: XTC

Name: Majic I

Occupation: Karli forgot to ask.

Favorite Band: Tool

So after leaving the art-gallery party, with a handful of hobo-weed and a strip of exciting photobooth pictures, we made friends with a couple of intoxicated twenty-somethings walking the same way as us. Their mission? To scale the wall and sneak into the Chinese garden; an adventure we obviously decided to partake in. But before we made it to the roof and were rudely called down by an enraged police officer, the four of us met a couple of Portland-city gangsters who witnessed our scheming at the base of the wall and came over to talk to us. One of them, and the reason for this story, was named Lawrence Bastic, a self-christened hip/hop artist called “Wisdom.” Seeing as I now write a music blog, it seemed wrong to meet a local musician and not blog about him, so I spent a good deal of time looking for him on myspace but it turns out there are a lot of musicians out there who call themselves “Wisdom” (445 to be exact) so just know, I’m still searching for the one I met. Here’s his picture if any of you out there happen to find him.




A Side-note: This weekend I take off for Michigan for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. As exciting as her old-age and the ensuing family reunion is, I’ll be missing a lot of cool happenings on the West coast. So if you’re looking for something to do, check out Portland’s music festival and especially The Tallest Man on Earth since he’ll be playing there and is possibly one of the best folk musicians out there. Otherwise, the concert calendar!!




A disclaimer: You may have noticed that so far all of our profiles have been of guys (no gals). THIS IS NOT BECAUSE WE ARE SEXIST OR USING THE BLOG SOLEY AS AN EXCUSE TO TALK TO MEN. Stay put, keep reading, we’ll get some women up in hurrr.

Until Next Time,