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Giving a middle finger to the FCC and radio broadcast regulations, Free Radio Olympia is nothing less than an awesome concept run my even more awesome people.  Therefore it is hardly a surprise that we here at TLPMBE support the hell out of them. Sounds like a good time for a plug to me…


What says Valentines Day more than stuffing your face with all the Sushi and Dim Sum you can eat for only ten dollars? Bring your Valentine, or come as a lone wolf, but either way you will be supporting the future of Free Radio Olympia broadcasting.

(Print it out and pass it around)

Need some more information about this event? I suppose I can help with that. For copy & paste purposes the info seen above can also be found below:

  • Free Radio Olympia’s Annual Valentines All You Can Eat.
  • Bring $10. Then eat lots of food.
  • Event goes from 6pm-10pm
  • Address: 1620 Thurston Ave. NE


Looks like there’s a promising house show on January 20th. Personally I am a fan of the Swamp House in Olympia. If you’ve never been, then I suggest you do…and what better opportunity than this?

The line-up is as follows:

  • MEOWTAIN (indie rock)
  • The Bat (trans-dimensional nightmare funk)
  • Greek Life 8 (experimental improvisations and journeys into the mind)
  • Sensitive Bearded Guys. Formerly known as The New Wave Discount Party Band (stone cold hits interspersed with dissonance).

I have been looking forward to seeing Meowtain after listening to their EP a few weeks ago (here is a link to one of their songs). As for the other bands, sadly I do not know anything about them; and cannot find them online. If you have insight into these bands, please post a comment and share your knowledge with us. Otherwise, you can read my post-show jibber-jabber which will be posted at a later date.

(Click the flyer to see the full sized image. Then print it out and pass it around!)

The venue is somewhat small, but the music carries through the house and outside where you have the opportunity to hang out with interesting people, and still keep an ear on the music. A cover-charge has not been announced, so it’s safe to say that this is a completely free show. The Swamp House allows smoking and drinking, however drinking should be responsible, and smoking should be contained to the porch ares and awesome Teepee that is provided. As far as I know, the general rules are: Don’t be an asshole, and enjoy the music.

You can show a little love for this local show on facebook by attending, or whoring out the event page: SOCIAL NETWORKING LINK!

For copy and paste purposes, the address is: 1407  Wheeler Ave SE, Olympia Wa 98501

Any other information can be found on the flyer above.

Hope to see you there,




This show was cancelled due to bad weather and a power outage. THUS, I will not be writing any post-show jibber-jabber. Sorry for the disappointment.