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Paul Baribeau. He’s folk, he’s punk, he’s beardy. He’s everything you would put in a Karli-trap. For real.

And he wrote THIS beautiful piece of amazingness. It’s less than 2 minutes long, but its 2 minutes of super honest, super fun fevor. Forgo the shrink, the drugs, the mindless eating and the marathon sleeping. I bet if you did everything Baribeau says here, you’d be feeling purr-itty fine.

There isn't a Youtube video for this song, so you can go ahead and allow yourself to be hypnotized by his epic beard (and this pretty cool canyon) while you utilize the player below. You're welcome.

Today’s song on repeat is “Ten Things” by Paul Baribeau off his 2007 album Grand Ledge.

This song makes me oddly aware of my mortality but kinda excited about it at the same time. Oh, I’m going to die? I better go do something great RIGHT NOW! And it’s the perfect I-just-got-back-from-running-away-to-South-America-and-gotta-keep-this-morale-up anthem. Because I know that applies to all of you, too.

Doesn’t it just make you want to live?! Let’s count our blessings, right our wrongs, learn from our mistakes. Let’s go camping somewhere crazy, streak on the beach, and spin in circle ’til we puke.  Lets build a fire, break out our guitars and have a sing along! AND SING THIS SONG, GUYS.

Or not.

But really, let’s.

Other songs that I’ve been enjoying recently:

“Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious”-Against Me!

“Fond Farwell”-Elliot Smith

“Holland, 1945”-Neutral Milk Hotel