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It’s a common occurrence for songs to weasel their way onto our minds and bounce around in our skulls all day. These songs make us hum, whistle, and mutter lyrics to ourselves no matter how awkward the situation. These songs aren’t always new, or even incredibly groundbreaking, but they all manage to get stuck in our music-loving noggins; and for that we honor them.

Today’s Song on Repeat is “Sax Rohmer 1” by The Mountain Goats from the 2008 album Heretic Pride.

I love this song. Any song alluding to an immortal evil scientist from the 1900’s while still being this beautiful with an epic mood and scope is going to be a winner.

One of the (many) cool things about Heretic Pride is that John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats worked with singer/songwriter and comic book artist Jeff Lewis to create a comic relating to the album. Each frame explains a different song on the album and is definitely worth taking a look at. Unless of course you prefer the interpretations of your own imagination. That is perfectly acceptable too.