How we can help YOU

We love to help out local artists, small labels and independent music lovers. In fact, that’s why we started this blog!

If you are an artist or band:
-We do monthly music concert calendars that get a fair amount of traffic, if you would like to see your shows on this calendar, please drop us a comment on our most current calendar with the name of your act, the location, and the date.
-We also do local artist spotlights and posts in which we feature who we think are the upcoming bands and artists (locally and nationally). Please feel free to drop us an email with some background on your band and a few mp3s.
-I have also been commissioned to do album reviews in the past. This doesn’t mean we will be biased because you have sent us free stuff! We are honest people. But a little good or bad publicity never hurt anyone.

If you are a record label:
-and you would like us to share your story, please email us and tell us what you are all about.
-If you would like us to review/post about your bands, please send us an album or two in the form of a downloadable file.

If you are a music lover:
-and you have ideas for posts, go ahead and send them our way!
-if you want to write for us, please email us and tell us about your experience and who you are.
-and you have a website or music blog and you would like to start a partnership of one sort or another, please visit our affiliates page.

Our email:
We answer ALL of our emails and try to do so in a timely fashion, and if we don’t, shit, we’re sorry! But really now, we are pretty good at it.

  1. shorty says:

    Hello how are you doing today?
    my name is Shorty of NorthWest Concerts booking and talent agency
    I have alot of shows comming up that i would like to have advertise on your site

    I would like to know how i can go about on having my shows added onto your calander

    thank you
    shorty of northwest concerts

  2. Hey Shorty,
    If you want to be on this months calendar just go ahead and drop a comment on the most current calendar with the date of each show, name of the band and the venue, and whether or not the show is 21+. Thanks!

  3. Hi there. This may be a silly question, but how do I drop a comment on the calender? I see the October calender at the bottom of the page, but I can’t figure out how to drop a comment! 😦 SAVE ME!

  4. Elliot,

    the calendar at the bottom of our page is a wiget thats sole purpose is to show which dates this month we have posted. So I don´t know why you would want to comment on it unless you were attempting to add something to our concert calendar, which has been out of comission for like a year. And unless I find a more effient way to complete it in less than 10 hours or there is a mass uprising of the people demanding its services…probably wont be back. It could happen though. IT ONLY TAKES ONE TO START A REVOLUTION, ELLIOT.


  5. Hello, my name is Nik Vinish and I’m the lead singer of a post alternative band from Bellingham Washington called Last Flowers. We just finished recording our first album and I would like to share the single Lullaby For Nobody (Part 1). The link to our single on soundcloud is below. If you like what you hear let me know and I can send you a free digital pre-release copy of the full album.

    Thank you and enjoy!

  6. thesassyyank says:

    Hello, I am a local Olympia, Washington resident working on spreading mostly underground/indie type music around the world. So far I have managed to reach 93 countries, am now writing for a radio station and am 1/3 of a great radio show on one of London’s award winning radio stations. If you have any interest in doing any articles about this, let me know. Here is a copy of my latest mix that contains some of the artists I support. Thanks CJx

  7. Hello. Apparently a decade and a half of manic episodes, psychotic breaks heavy drug abuse and residual punk rock nihilism from my teens don’t mix well with musical aspirations.
    But alas, boredom and a lack of options (or rather, a lack of useful skills and proper motivation) have forced me to start grinding the stone again….so, here it is…ignore all the covers. If I had known SoundCloud wouldn’t let me rearrange my uploads it wouldn’t be that way, but it is, and I ain’t buying any pro accounts any time soon.

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