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Unexpected Amateur Covers

I’m sure that like many of you I am constantly finding myself being surprised by the various strange covers that I see on youtube. This week I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite with you. Please keep all arms and legs in the vehicle, and keep all questions and comment until the end of the tour (if you have any favorite covers, feel free to post them).

Johnny Cash “Sunday Morning Coming Down” cover by Jesse Morris

This is without a doubt Johnny Cash Punk Reincarnate. I don’t know how he stole Cash’s voice, but for the love of science, SOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN A JOINT!

Alternate universe Johnny Cash blows your mind.

Britney Spears “Toxic” cover by Molly Lewis

This girl had got some good uke skills . I’ve never been too crazy about Britney Spears, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the song Toxic. It seems that there is a good trend of people doing ukulele covers as of late, so expect a Top Five article about uke covers at some point.

Bow down to the uke

Jack Johnson/ODB/Beatles/Snoop Dogg cover by Michael Hurwitz and Jaysen Lee-St. John

These two live in Shanghai China, and Jam out every day. These are the kind of roommates I wish I had. They are so entertaining that I found it hard to choose just one of their youtube mash-ups for this post. So I would suggest browsing their other stuff here.

Best roommates ever

Foo Fighters “Everlong” cover by Dylan and Lauren

These two call themselves “Sandalwood'”, and while this might not be the most skillful cover of a song, it is by all means surprising. I would have to give more credit to the guitarist (Dylan) in this video for his skills, but HELL they both get some major respect for being so young in the first place.

Curfew has gotta make it hard to run a good band.

Lil’ Jon “Get Low” cover by Jackson Foote, Eden Neville, and Alex Koste

A room full of what appears to be the whitest teenagers on earth have managed to make a catchy Lil’ Jon song even harder to resist. I feel so torn by this, part of me knows that I have zero respect for Lil’ Jon and the other part of me thinks that the kids in this video would probably invite me to their youth group, yet when the two come together… it’s actually really appealing to me. Do two wrongs make a right?

Apparently so.

Sooo white…

(Secret Bonus Song)



If you somehow haven’t caught onto the wonder that is YouTube  mashups, you are seriously missing out on one of the most amusing thing that has ever existed. Based on the millions of mashups that float around the internet these days, I’ve taken a disturbing amount of my spare time to find my five favorite mashups that left me going, “-the fuck was that?” And if you can somehow avoid leaving them on repeat for the next three days, you are a stronger human than I.

1. NOFX vs. Tupac

Probably the single most unexpected mashups I’ve found. From the quality YouTube posting of mattydub1. Hold your comments till 00:49 when Tupac comes in. If you have ever been a fan of punk rock and/or gangsta rap, you must hear this.

2. Mos Def vs. Desmond Dekker

Uploaded by mintyfreshbeats, straight off the  Mos Dub album by Max Tannone (available here), this pro quality mashup has changed my life–or at least inspired me to support the people of Growlife Alliances.

3. Marvin Gaye vs. The Pixies

If you’re anything like me, after listening to Where Is My Mind, watching Fight Club again, then listening the Bassnectar remix for about the last three months, then you probably thought you were sick of this song. But then, the universe had other plans for us. This song is 100% guaranteed to seduce anybody who has tattoos. I mean, maybe. Whatever, just listen. Thank you uploader for getting me laid.

4. UB40 vs. T-Pain

Reggae remixes are officially my summertime continuation of searching for dubstep remixes for the last four or five months. There’s actually a wealth of reggae remixes already in existence, but for the purposes of consistency, this is technically a mashup. I mean, I’ve never ordered red wine in da club, but if I did it would go something like this. Uploaded by . Don’t worry, I don’t know what the cars in the video are about either.

5. Nesian Mystiks vs. Jason Derulo vs. Train vs. Tupac

Catchy as fuck. It’s summer. Relax. ‘Bout all I have to say. Thank the walking savant Dj Esi (facebook here), uploaded to YouTube by . Enjoy your life.

Hope you enjoyed, we will probably keep doing these. The following link is to piss off our other writer, and my dear friend Darion. Coming next week, reggae remixes, maybe.

– Andrew Taylor

*EDIT* Fuck you Andrew.