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What happens when a bunch of Tacoma metal workers, box makers, bartenders, cable operators, interpreters, Mormons, Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics, slackers, stoners, go-getters, vagabonds, male sluts, and virgins form a band? Punk-rock-folk reggae-country,  Motherfucker! Yeah!

Imagine that Skankin Pickle got in on the folk-punk/bluegrass thing that’s going around these days-now keep that image in your head-its pretty much The Fun Police. Honestly. The Fun Police have the same lively, occasionally funky, reggae-punk sound. But don’t take my word for it, go check out their Band Camp or their Facebook and have a merry ol’ time. The Fun Police have just released their second full length “Clown Control,” you can get that for dirt cheap off of their Last Fm, or you can download  a free EP HERE.

The Fun Police – Pretty Good Friend

The Fun Police – Far Away

The Fun Police – Dumpster Diving (single edit)

The Fun Police – Unemployment


Looks like there’s a promising house show on January 20th. Personally I am a fan of the Swamp House in Olympia. If you’ve never been, then I suggest you do…and what better opportunity than this?

The line-up is as follows:

  • MEOWTAIN (indie rock)
  • The Bat (trans-dimensional nightmare funk)
  • Greek Life 8 (experimental improvisations and journeys into the mind)
  • Sensitive Bearded Guys. Formerly known as The New Wave Discount Party Band (stone cold hits interspersed with dissonance).

I have been looking forward to seeing Meowtain after listening to their EP a few weeks ago (here is a link to one of their songs). As for the other bands, sadly I do not know anything about them; and cannot find them online. If you have insight into these bands, please post a comment and share your knowledge with us. Otherwise, you can read my post-show jibber-jabber which will be posted at a later date.

(Click the flyer to see the full sized image. Then print it out and pass it around!)

The venue is somewhat small, but the music carries through the house and outside where you have the opportunity to hang out with interesting people, and still keep an ear on the music. A cover-charge has not been announced, so it’s safe to say that this is a completely free show. The Swamp House allows smoking and drinking, however drinking should be responsible, and smoking should be contained to the porch ares and awesome Teepee that is provided. As far as I know, the general rules are: Don’t be an asshole, and enjoy the music.

You can show a little love for this local show on facebook by attending, or whoring out the event page: SOCIAL NETWORKING LINK!

For copy and paste purposes, the address is: 1407  Wheeler Ave SE, Olympia Wa 98501

Any other information can be found on the flyer above.

Hope to see you there,




This show was cancelled due to bad weather and a power outage. THUS, I will not be writing any post-show jibber-jabber. Sorry for the disappointment.

Half-way through December we bring you another post about something! Here’s four bands from Olympia you should probably at least see live, if not listen to in your spare time. Trust me. I have a blog/spare time.

If you enjoy punk, metal, indie, hardcore, some combination of them all, or music from your own town, go ahead and listen. It’s all from Olympia, WA, hence the post´s title. It’s clever, work with me.

Christan Mistress

Get their shit here. I’d write a longer description, but just listen to the damn songs, its great. If you like metal.

Gun Outfit

Its pretty. Kind of sounds like if Gibby Haynes had formed Modest Mouse with Caroline Keith and every so often they played a punk song. For the sake of clarity, Caroline Keith is actually the singer/songwriter for Gun Outfit, Gibby Haynes is the singer for the Butthole Surfers, whose voice I just likened to Dylan Sharp, the other singer/songwriter for Gun Outfit…anyway, check out their lastfm page. GO!

(This is also a good song)


OK- So the recording quality isn’t amazing, but these guys are disturbingly talented live. I mean really, all of them can fucking shred. I recommend you look em up here and be sure to catch ´em live when you can, finally got myself there in October and it was epic. So really, go so, see them, enjoy.

Go Get The Scissors

These guys had a following in Olympia once upon a time when I was about thirteen. Regardless they’re still great, but as far as I know pretty have much stopped existing. Guess when suddenly the whole scene was either hardcore or christian post-punk there just wasn’t room for ´em. Either way I enjoy it, and thus my taste is inflicted onto you.

Go Get The Scissors – I Walk the Line

Go Get The Scissors – Rise Up Below The Belt

White Wards

Their lastfm, there are some better qualities mp3s there. White Wards is great, if you like hardcore. If you don’t, move somewhere else. Just kidding, I love you. But really.

White Wards – Fucking a Dead Body

White Wards – Bad Decisions


Imagine if you will, if the Adolescents and Josie And The Pussycats got hammered, and had a crazy night of wild unprotected sex in the romantic confines of a Motel 6. Well now that this image has left your head, you can finally understand the kickass love child of this unexpected union that is TacocaT.

I had the pleasure of seeing these folks a few years back with Schoolyard Heroes, a band who I disdain with a seething passion, (but that’s for a different time). Anyhoo, Tacocat mesmerized me and those around me with an up-beat poppy post-punk style, that just makes you want to love and dance, kinda like an audio Hippy-Flip. Besides being supportive of dyslexia; TacocaT just warps you back to a simpler time of Freshman year. A time when you only want to go to first base, when you’re saving for that sick volcano, when you’re living in your parents basement, and when you’re really high and realize Jack Black was in the movie Waterworld. To top it all off, if you look at the picture above, there’s another surprise….Twins!

So by combining twins, fun, and slightly demented teen punk-pop, we find that TacocaT really is a truly riveting band, straight from Seattle who you all should hear, see, and feel. They receive an A for automatically ass-kicking.

Listen, and be amazed, I hope you like kazoo solos:

– Neff

Hey, remember the band Quickie? No? It’s because I FUCKED UP.

I was going to blog about them, I dunno, say, 5 months ago. And then I didn’t. Because I am lame. I swear I am the poster child for lazy, underachieving procrastinators. Seriously. My only responsibility is to occasionally make sure Andrew gets to or from work. And I’ve only ever done that twice.

Anyways. Quickie.

Genre:  Pop punk 
Location: Seattle, Washington
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Pop punk

Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle. You might have heard their music on the shows “Parenthood” on NBC and “Vampire Diaries” on CW, or in the movies “Repli-Kate” with Eugene Levy and Ali Landry, and  “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins (yahoo!). Their music has also been played on ESPN and Fox Sports.  Once they even set the world record for most shows played in one day (40 “quickies”)!

 But really, why are they so famous you ask?

Well music fans, I am glad you asked.

Without further adieu, I give you “Bikini Barista.”

Bah, I love the man with the ‘stash. Nothing right now is more Pacific Northwest than Bikini Baristas. These positions are literally the only jobs available in the Craigslist classifieds and I have had some serious internal battles about becoming one. The fake tanning, hair poofs, and pant-less customers I can do, but what it always comes down to is that I would probably have to go to the gym everyday for about 3 weeks in preparation, and as a lazy, underachieving procrastinator, well, that simply wont do.

ANYWAYS today I got a press release in an email from Quickie, which reads:


 Red Curtain rocks with pop-punk trio Quickie!

June 30th, 2011— SEATTLE, WA —  Seattle pop-punk band Quickie noticed a spike in views of their infamous “Bikini Barista” video earlier this week. “Over 12,000 new views in the past 3 days,” says lead singer Lou Trez. “That raised a flag. So I did some digging and discovered that the Chinese media have been reporting on the Northwest’s Bikini Barista phenomenon… and including our song and video as part of the discussion.” 
Apparently the video, which includes actual Cowgirls Espresso baristas, is too racy for China Times broadcasters like Chung T’ien Television “as is.” The girl’s various revealing costumes have been pixilated. That’s just fine with the band. “We are getting such a kick out of it! It’s a fun, catchy song and it obviously has legs… no pun intended. I mean, the numbers keep growing.”

Next up for Quickie, now that they’ve penetrated the Red Curtain? “We are celebrating the red, white and blue with a performance at Tacoma’s Freedom Fair on July 4th.”

Quickie plays the Click 98.9 stage in Tacoma’s Jack Hyde Park at 7:20pm on Monday, July 4th.

To see the news-story from China. Visit
To view the original “Bikini Barista” video, visit .

Yay! Congratulations Quickie for your international viral video sensation. And congratulations Washington for having the most under-dressed baristas! Look at us, good ol’ PNW, corrupting the youth and causing societal decay one coffee stand at a time.


“I wanna get drunk in the street, stay home, get stoned, and beat my meat
I wanna feel less incomplete and never slow it down!
I wanna fuck a girl I hate, leave her the bill on our first date
then tell her boyfriend she was great
never slow it down!” -SuperNothing

SuperNothing playing at Tacoma Skate in 2010.

Genre: Punk / Rock / Thrash
Location: Kent, Washington
Label: Unsigned
Sounds like: Desensitized Youth, Early NOFX, Gang Green

Remember the summer you were 16? Taking the bus downtown to a questionable venue, chugging the single warm beer you stole out of your parent’s fridge in the back alley before paying the doorman only in dimes and nickels so you could mosh your brains out to your favorite local punk band? No? Well let SuperNothing remind you. They are the band you saw, except people actually liked them, and when you go to buy their EP at the end of the night with your remaining pocket change and get it home, it’s actually recorded…well.

SuperNothing is a thrash punk band from Kent, Washington. Together for just over a year and a half, they already have an impressive track record, playing with big name punk act GutterMouth and soon with the legendary Agent Orange. SuperNothing is your favorite garage band all grown up. The angst is there, the concepts are the same. Their tags on Bandcamp include “punks, party sluts and speed,” and “watching porn with your girlfriend” is one of their highlighted hobbies on Myspace. They’re the boys down the street that don’t give a fuck and don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s angry, it’s unapologetic, it’s often hilarious.

Although the tried and true spirit of hard, fast and loud is still present, SuperNothing wanders off the beaten path. Unlike thrash metal and its related cross-over genres, which tend to throw the concept of melody to the wind in favor of rhythm and chaos, they put an emphasis on being, well, audible and catchy. “The whole idea is fast punk and thrash metal fusion, but hopefully with an accessible edge,” states Kevin Russell (more commonly know as “Nutz”), the band’s bassist and backup vocalist. “I think a big problem with a lot of bands playing in ‘extreme’ genres is they miss how important hooks are. I hope that what we bring to the table is fast, heavy, and aggressive, but at the same time has something in it that gets stuck in your head.”

I dunno, maybe I shouldn’t be so impressed. It’s not as if every punk band is composed only of tumultuous loudness (nothing could be further from the truth) and SuperNothing is some kind of diamond in the rough. Must be something about the nostalgia that this band brings that has me captivated. They take me back to that show at 16 and stir some sort of angst inside me that is reminiscent of being young(er), moralless and pissed. And I like it.

“Slow it down” (first track) and “1878” off of the EP Jesus Fucking Christ, It’s an EP! 


Yay! A new feature, Local Artist Spotlights! I promised some of you I would feature you and have this up by the 15th, but, alas. Some of you have been waiting ever so patiently and you aren’t even featured this month! Grah! I’m sorry. There were some technical difficulties involving a mental break down and an online math class (why I decided to take an online math class I have no idea. Mental? Masochistic? Both?) Anyway. Here is a video of a walrus playing the saxophone. Think of it as an apology/peace offering.

Alright, enough of that. Without further ado, I present:

The Volcano Diary

Genre: Americana/alt-rock/Electroacoustic

Location: Seattle, Washington

Label: Unsigned

Sounds like: Sia, Mollie’s Revenge


Local Seattle Band The Volcano Diary released it’s debut self-titled album in late 2010. It was produced by Steve Fisk, (Nirvana, The Posies) so when a press manager contacted me to review their album I was like, What? REALLY!? Hooray! Maybe they were looking for indie blogger cred? I don’t know. But I do know it was a pleasure to listen to this album.

A remarkable mix of alternative rock with a hint of country and an unexpected bit of blues Alicia Dara’s haunting and seductive voice is both memorable and unique. In a time when sampling and various other technological gimmicks fill the radio waves, The Volcano Diary is a band, rather than a computer, filled with honestly talented musicians.

The nine tracks are a satisfying schism of somber and exciting. This album feels like a first album in that it seems to be the beginning of something that is fresh and can only get better from here on out, sparking an interest in what will follow. That being said, the lyrics in some tracks tend to sound like that of a band that is still getting it’s bearings. I was looking to be moved a little more by the lyrics, but Dara’s voice carries the words in a way that is thrilling and unexpected-so it is easily forgiven .

I probably wouldn’t take this album to the gym but it’s been my night driving staple and seems to be just the thing when the time comes to relax to a calm playlist. So if you like female vocalists and easy-listening, I would recommend The Volcano Diary.

“Volcano” by the Volcano Diary:

“Cloud Cover” by The Volcano Diary:  

They have been playing various shows around the Northwest, many of them in bar and taverns, but they are playing a free all ages show on Monday May 30th at the Northwest Folklife Festival! I know many of you will be in attendance so check them out, show them some love!



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