The Goings About Town – Lisa Savidge @ The Urban Onion

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone loves a good show, no doubt, but the sound on a record is beginning to have almost no resemblance to a live track. Fortunately there are some bands out there that still record the old-fashioned way and rely on their talent to attract listeners.  In the interest of not sounding pretentious or getting hung up on topics that Darion has already covered, I will not continue to drill into your mind how dreadful some areas in the music industry have become, but I would like to share with you a band that has come up with its own quality sound.


Lisa Savidge (a band, not an individual) is bringing their genre mix of post-rock/shoegaze/pop influenced/whateverelseyouwill sound up the west coast, from Phoenix, AZ into the heart of Washington. Each track off of their self-titled album offers a new sound, some with heavier guitar, others with catchy bass lines, each displaying the strengths of the artists. Yay! And the best part? Their cd, recorded entirely live, leaves me convinced that their April 9th show at the Urban Onion in Olympia will not be a disappointment.

Doors at 8!



Some sites you should check out!
Black Cactus Records:
Lisa Savidge:


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